03 April 2006

crab samples

i've not been writing creatively much for quite awhile except for these small crabapples i call one-thot pommes.


sharpening gaze


never looking up the pronunciation

chinese finger trap

playing the victim

nouveau riche

do they even know what this means

perpetuation of perpetration

accuse the accuser

tar baby

self-inflicted negotiative disaster

swiss cheese

high risk bi-polar


occupy them increments

lingerie poems

“inaccessible” “obscure”

gut hole

memory solace


poet CAConrad said...

HASSEN! your new blog is GREAT! jesus fucking christ, that photo! i love that it's you blogger photo!

these short poems make me happy, and hoping they spurr you, as this blog may spurr you, back to your amazing poetry. or whatever you want to write.

hssn said...

you said "jesus fucking christ" and the name of that photo on my hard drive is "jesus christ" heh!
... can't wait for your book signing party this weekend...