24 July 2006

something from a couple years ago

       word I('m forgetting

       forget information
       regarding definition
       like ambiguity
       regarding gratification
       disregard semiosis
       like "come back
       from the light
       /dark canal"
       need context
       like : here
       che guevera
       never remember
       how it's said
       how it's done
       like that zapping and solving

**If you're really that upset about what's going on, which I doubt, go blow something up. Organize a group of people to block a freeway during rush hour. Go hand out information leaflets on your lunch hour to people on the streets, do something that has some impact beyond your own quiet little upper middle class white college educated coterie faux radicals whose self-inflicted impotence has doomed them to continually spewing a bunch of crap like "Poets against the war," to cite a perfect example of preaching to the choir someone else has already brought up, which only serves to give the talk radio and FoxNEWS talking heads more examples of ineffective dumb liberal nonsense to point at and ridicule. ~ Jason Quackenbush on the Buffalo Poetics Listserv 7/23/06

15 July 2006

current holographic insistences

The final problem of intellection is this: you cannot rape yourself mentally, for thought creates its own shadow, blocks its own light, inhibits direct vision. The act of intuition or self-illumination can come only through a partner-object like a host in parasitology. - L Durrell, Nunquam

It is the theory that decides what can be observed. - A Einstein

04 July 2006

User's Manual for Nouveau Jersey

Assume entitlement;
we get what we act like we deserve

Money buys good taste;
judge its aesthetic by how much it retails for

Be a willing victim of fashion;
wear your heels to the matinee

Be sensible;
buy everything on sale

Exhibit sensibility;
buy everything on sale and mention it

Give nothing for nothing;
generosity is a compromise of values

Eat as many samples as you can at Whole Foods;
saving a buck is a virtue

Narcissism is survival;
desperately make everything about you

Be sure they notice your car;
use your horn

Be gauche;
it’ll startle people into giving you what you want

Smiling is a sign of weakness;
look annoyed with your eyebrows raised in all public places

Everyone takes advantage of you;
suspect each so-called friend.

13. [edit out?]
Don’t look strangers in the eye;
they might oblige your fantasy and rape or murder you