24 July 2006

something from a couple years ago

       word I('m forgetting

       forget information
       regarding definition
       like ambiguity
       regarding gratification
       disregard semiosis
       like "come back
       from the light
       /dark canal"
       need context
       like : here
       che guevera
       never remember
       how it's said
       how it's done
       like that zapping and solving

**If you're really that upset about what's going on, which I doubt, go blow something up. Organize a group of people to block a freeway during rush hour. Go hand out information leaflets on your lunch hour to people on the streets, do something that has some impact beyond your own quiet little upper middle class white college educated coterie faux radicals whose self-inflicted impotence has doomed them to continually spewing a bunch of crap like "Poets against the war," to cite a perfect example of preaching to the choir someone else has already brought up, which only serves to give the talk radio and FoxNEWS talking heads more examples of ineffective dumb liberal nonsense to point at and ridicule. ~ Jason Quackenbush on the Buffalo Poetics Listserv 7/23/06

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